Blue Element Yachting, a division of Deep Blue Acquisitions, offers a suite of services to individuals and companies involved with the sport of sailing and yachting for recreational or business purposes. Blue Element Yachting operates in tandem with Blue Element Racing which focuses on serving the sport of yacht racing, both the competitors and affiliates.





New to Sailing?

Our team runs the highest rated sailing school in America, and we have taught tens of thousands of sailors over the past three decades. We offer all levels of instruction, from begging sailing to offshore cruising and racing. Click here for more info.

We also offer fractional sailing programs, our signature BoatShare by Blue Element, which offer sailors an excellent alternative to full ownership. Our goal is to remove the typical barriers and get people out sailing! Click here for more info.

Boat Owners

If you own your own boat, we offer a suite of services to help you get the most out of the asset. Our private training and instruction will increase your confidence, safety, and enjoyment. Our vessel management services can eliminate the complications of maintaining a boat. Blue Element also provides vessel deliveries when your boat needs to be somewhere else. And ask us about putting your boat into one of our programs to institute a revenue stream which can offset the costs of ownership.

Boat Shoppers

The marine marketplace lacks and advocate for boat buyers. Because of the structure of the industry, brokers end up primarily working for the sellers. Even if they seem to be representing you, the buyer, remember that they really have no vested interest in your goals/needs/wants. They just need to sell you a boat, ANY boat. And they make more money the more you pay.

There are a lot of boats out there, and many millions of marketing dollars spent to convince you that their boat is the best one, but sadly much of the information is misleading.

We feel that it is very important that an individual looking to purchase a boat have the assistance of an informed advocate. Click here for more info.


Blue Element Yachting provides companies with a range of services. We can create experiences geared around team-building, client appreciation events, or incentive programs. Our long list of clients includes many companies who have turned to the sport of sailing to enhance their business prowess.

For companies looking to extend their marketing or advertising into the sailing sector, Blue Element can provide insightful consulting to insure that objectives are realized.

Click here for more info.

Yacht Racers

Please visit here for info on Blue Element Racing.