Our Team at Blue Element Yachting has orchestrated sailing events and activities for some of the world’s most renowned and successful businesses.  Each event is custom tailored to the goals of the client and is sure to deliver an exceptional experience.  Our events range from executive teambuilding sessions, to employee rewards programs, to client appreciation activities.





Success in the contemporary business environment is the result of numerous factors. Primary among the elements contributing to the success of an endeavor, corporation, or project is The Team, a group of individuals who must act in concert to mutual benefit and overall heightened achievement. 

The creation of a winning team is no accident.

The benefits of corporate teambuilding have long been lauded for the advantageous effects they have on individuals and groups. Activities outside of the workplace can create bonds and levels of understanding which carry over into the office, increasing collaborative efficiency while contributing to the presence of a positive working environment.

By engaging in the  corporate team building exercises and activities with Blue Element Yachting, you'll go far beyond a ropes course, golf retreat, or other conventional team building activity. Instead, our team building activities focus on working together in groups in an extremely dynamic and demanding environment, where constantly changing forces require you to think and act fast. It's definitely challenging, but at the end of the day, you'll be a better team player for it.

Executive Sessions

Geared around smaller groups working to achieve specific goal sets, our executive sessions can revolve around an afternoon of sailing, a weekend of racing, or a week of cruising. 
Not only do the necessities of sailing the vessel demand teamwork and cooperation, but the time spent together will contribute to the building of effective working relationships.   

Rewards, Incentive, and Client Appreciation

Memorable sailing adventures can be perfect offerings for employee incentive or rewards programs. A day on the water enjoying the bay and scenery, maybe sailing to a fine restaurant or quiet anchorage, is an experience appreciated. Additionally, an on-the-water sailing experience can provide the perfect environment to relax and network with clients and/or industry partners.






Our team at Blue Element has been offering exceptional teambuilding experiences since 1981. Clients such as Best Buy, Siebel, Microsoft, 3M, and Oracle have chosen us to conduct their on-the-water teambuilding activities, with good reason:

  • Each of our coaches is a celebrated competitive sailor and professional instructor. Amongst our staff, we have collegiate all-Americans, world champions, Olympic team members, and America’s Cup veterans.
  • Our boats are the best around. We sail only the latest generation of sportboats, which are fast, fun, comfortable, and safe.
  • J World has a variety of programs which have proven to be successful at accomplishing a wide variety of goals.
  • Our flexibility means that we can create events which are custom tailored to your needs. When, where, and what are all determined on a case-by-case basis with your best interests in mind.

J World specializes in providing an exciting, hands-on environment. Our staff members are not just great sailors, they are exceptional coaches and patient instructors, with a passion for sailing and a talent for sharing.