Blue Element Yachting provides sail and motor yacht delivery services worldwide. Not only are our skippers some of the most experienced in the world, we also are able to offer full shore-side logistical support. You do not have to trust your boat to some freelance sailor with dubious references. With Blue Element, you can rest easy knowing that your boat is in good hands and you have a proven, reputable company, licensed and insured, standing behind our work! Blue Element can also provide instructional deliveries, so you can learn by doing. This is an exceptional way to learn how best to use your boat, and have some professional crew aboard making sure the passage is safe.





Best In Class Captains and Crews

Blue Element uses a only our in-house skippers and associates with whom we have firsthand experience. All of teams have been vetted by us directly and have worked with us extensively before. These are consummate industry professionals with whom we would trust our own vessels.... because we DO entrust them with our own fleet of boats! We have an impeccable safety and satisfaction record, and all our teams are personable and reliable.

Full-Time Office Staff for Shoreside and Logistics Support

Blue Element has full-time office staff based in California, and three physical locations/offices. If you have questions, concerns, or anything at all, we are easily reached and ready to assist. You absolutely cannot get this level of service and support from the 'freelance' skippers and delivery captains out there.

Network of Suppliers

Our position within the marine industry means that we have existing relationships with many of the leading suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers of yachting equipment, as well as the ability to get parts to boats in remote areas. When there is a problem or the vessel needs gear (whether already in transit or before departure) we can source the equipment quickly at often less the retail rates.


The cost of deliveries depends on several factors, including vessel type, readiness, number of crew required, location of the vessel, and of course the length of the delivery.  Some skippers like to charge a per-day rate, but then the fear is that they take their time to earn a bigger paycheck.  Some skippers prefer to charge you by the mile, but then they have the incentive to make the journey as quickly as possible, often beating up your boat.  Our default is to present you with a flat fee for the delivery so you know what you are getting into.  We will, however, cap the number of days, after which point we will be forced to charge a per-day rate (in case the weather deteriorates or the boat has mechanical or structural problems which cannot be addressed quickly and are not the fault of J World).  We think this is the most equitable approach, however we are willing to discuss any preferences you might have.

In general, we recommend using $3 per mile as an estimation for labor costs. Expenses such as provisions, fuel, and travel need to be added to this (all expenses are billed at pass-thru pricing). Please contact us for a quote.  We'll want to know as much about the boat as you can tell us (recent survey is appreciated), where the delivery would be going from/to, preferred time frame, and any special requests  (i.e. instructional delivery).