If you have ever dreamed of taking part in some of the greatest sailing events in the world of yachting, dream no longer. Blue Element Racing offers individuals and groups the opportunities to take part in grand prix events.


The team at Blue Element has been coaching sailors and racers for over three decades.  We put together programs like no one else.  We focus on small groups where everyone gets to do a variety of jobs on the boat.  We DO NOT load the boat with a dozen clients and force people to do the menial jobs aboard while the coaches do the fun stuff.  Not only do we use real racing yachts (not 'cattle boats') that are always competitive, but we actually own the vessels we use in the vast majority of the events. We have high standards, and we expect you do as well. This is why our clients keep coming back for more adventures.



imgBlue Element Racing provides clients the opportunity to participate in grand-prix racing events. From one-design regattas to offshore races, we provide an exceptional experience. While there are many ‘pay-to-play’ racing providers out there, there are NONE like us. We are not a ‘cattle boat’ where we stick clients behind a grinding pedestal while the pros do all the sailing jobs. We do not sail a ‘dumbed down’ boat that makes it easy to get around the course. We do not open it up to everyone (the ‘no sailing experience necessary’ phrase should scare sailors off in a heartbeat).

We provide top-tier race boats, with world-class coaches. We make sure that everyone gets to be involved in all aspects of sailing the boats, from bow to trim to helm. We select the best events in the world to race in. And we have a great time.

imgIf you have a group of sailors who want to participate in an event, you can come for the fun and leave the work to us. We can provide you with access to a boat which will meet your goals, and all the logistics to make it happen. Yachting Cup in San Diego? Transpac? Key West Race Week? Let us know your goals… Our programs are fully managed and turn-key.






YOU Sail the Boat

You are a truly active and integral member of the team.  We don't load the boat with clients to the point where no one gets to do anything.  We won't just park you over a grinding pedestal  We aren't just  taking you for a ride like so many big boat programs.  You are sailing the boat.  You get to drive, trim, navigate...  whatever your interests are, we'll be sure that you get to exercise that muscle. 

Best Events

Bleu Element targets a couple of world class events each year. These might include races to Hawaii, Caribbean events, Bermuda Races, or European/Mediterranean regattas. Transpac, Bermuda Races, Fastnet, Hobart... these events are already on the calendar or in the works, Contact us for the latest schedules.

Small Client Groups

For most events, we limit enrollment to six clients, and target having three coaches aboard. That's a 2:1 ratio that means everyone aboard gets a ton of personal attention from our extremely experienced staff.  You won't find that anywhere else.

Fully Turn-Key Events

You show up. Practice, go racing, then go home. That's it. We take care of all the planning, preparation, provisioning, yacht deliveries to/from the event, and so on. You couldn't have it any better or easier!

Each program is managed by a team of sailors who are hand selected for both their extensive sailing background, and their ability to coach well and share their knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm with others.  The onboard staff is supported by our expert shore team, insuring that you have the time of your life.

Best Coaches Available

It's easy to find good sailors. It is much more difficult to track down good sailors with the ability to coach, to step back and let others take control under watchful supervision. With over three decades of experience running these sorts of events, we are second to none in providing great client experiences.

The Best Boats

Blue Element Racing is careful to select top level boats for each event we participate in. And, in fact, we own the boats we use in many of the programs. Each is maintained to a professional grade standard and is absolutely competitive. We have to sail them too, and we like to win!




The legendary race to Hawaii... Los Angeles, leave Catalina Island to port, finish at Diamond Head. The course couldn't be much simpler. And the race really couldn't be more fun. This event runs in July of odd years.

Pacific Cup

San Francisco to Hawaii, finishing in beautiful Kaneohe Bay on the north shore of Oahu. An absolute blast, over 2000 miles of fantastic (mostly) downwind sailing. The Pac Cup runs July of even years.

Newport to Cabo

One of the classic Mexico races! When the winter blues have oppressively obliterated sailing as a viable pastime in most of the country, we head town to the tropics for some fun in the sun. A fun fleet, mostly downwind race in February or March of odd years.

San Diego to Puerto Vallarta

In March of even years, we head south from San Diego with a competitive fleet, bound for the warm waters of Banderas Bay. Join a great fleet for a truly memorable and beneficial experience.

Anything You Can Dream Of....

The above listed events are ones we already have on the calendar and participate in at every running. Beyond these, we will also target a number of other events in any given year. Key West Race Week? Big Boat Series? Antigua? Contact us to find out about our other events, or to let us know what you would like to do!.