Blue Element Racing has three decades or experience managing yacht racing teams and programs. We can assist in every phase of a campaign, from vessel selection to crew recruitment and training on to event coordination and logistics.


The staff at Blue Element has extensive experience in all manners of events, from buoy racing in one-design and handicapped fleets, on through big boat offshore events of all types. We can provide a one-stop integrated solution backed by our extensive network of coaches and full time office staff.



Vessel Selection

What type of vessel to purchase (or charter) is a crucial first step in any racing program. Insuring that the boat is the right on for the task depends on what your goals are, as well as your previous experience. Making a logical choice here will set the stage for a successful (and fun) campaign.

It is also important to make sure the boat chosen can be competitive under the current rating rules which you are likely to encounter. Some boats are unduly penalized, while others have more favorable ratings. It is truly unfortunate when a team spends a significant amount of time, money, and energy on a boat which simply cannot sail to its rating.

Blue Element can assist in finding the right boat for your goals.

Vessel Optimization

Blue Element can assist in optimizing your boat, given your anticipated usage, targeted events, and overall budget. Whereas a sailmaker is likely to tell you that you need a bunch of new sails, and a rigger will emphasize new lighter, no-stretch running rigging, and a boatyard will tell you that a good bottom is the best thing you can have, we will help you prioritize and get the most benefit per dollar spent.

Vessel Management

Blue Element can assist with all your boat management needs. From simply overseeing and coordinating routine maintenance on up to more complex operations such as shipping a boat to a distant regatta or managing full refits, we can take the work out of running your program and provide better results. We've done this all before (a lot!), so let us make it easy (and better) for you.

Team Recruitment and Training

Recruiting a solid team is a vastly important step in the road to a successful racing campaign. We can assist in sourcing qualified crewmembers. Then, when the team is in place, our staff is ready to provide coaching services to get everyone working together. For more on our coaching services, see here.

Regatta Planning and Logistics

Ever wanted to do Key west Race Week? Maybe your fleet national or world championships are coming up? Dreamed of racing to Hawaii in Transpac, but the requirements for offshore racing seem daunting? Blue Elemement Racing can assist with all of the above.

Let us take the work out of that next big event. We have moved boats around the world. We have prepped them for round-the-buoy world championships, and offshore Category 1 events. We've got this down.

Refit and Repair Management

When it comes time to tackle the big project of either repairing or updating your boat, it is sometimes nice to have professional assistance and someone looking after you (and your boat's) best interests. In fact, we feel it is imperative. There are a lot of decisions to be made, and have informed, professional assistance which has only your interests in mind (we aren't trying to sell you on services of gear for your boat!) can save you thousands and many headaches.

Our longtime experience in the industry means that we know the best people for the job. Boatyards, spar-builders, riggers, shipwrights, welders, sailmakers, and so on... they each have their strengths and weaknesses and we can help you through the minefield.