Boat Share is the no-fuss, fractional sailing program from Blue Element.  Sailors can get a membership in a quality vessel for a low monthly rate.   The all-inclusive monthly fee covers pretty much everything, including the slip fees, insurance, and maintenance. Members of the vessel simply schedule their usage via an online calendar, then head out at their leisure.


Boat owners can put their well-found late model boats into service with us, and reap financial benefits. This is a far lower impact option than a standard charter fleet because the only people who use the boat are the other (non equity) partners.




So what does it mean to become a BoatShare member? Simply put, it means that you are a fractional sailing partner (non-equity) in a boat of your choosing. The boat is shared by limited number of other members, and only these members sail the boat.

All of the costs (slip fees, insurance, maintenance, etc.) are covered. You pay only a flat monthly fee, which is far below what it would cost to purchase and maintain a boat (usually, it is slightly more than slip feels alone would cost you).

Enjoy your boat just as you would if you owned it, including day sails and overnights at marinas, yacht clubs or anchorages -- even your yacht club cruise out. You can use it for weekends or even full weeks at a time. Of course, certain booking rules regulate the booking of the boat to insure fair access; however you will get two to three weekend uses per month, and plenty of mid-week access.

Boatshare For Owners

If you own a boat from 30' to 50' or are interested in purchasing one, and are interested in reducing the costs of ownership, our BoatShare fractional sailing program is a great option. BEY locates qualified sailors to become partners in the boat, sharing the expenses and the sailing time. You remain the full equity owner of the vessel, however as members join, your monthly costs diminish to zero, until you are sailing for free! Only direct members of a particular boat get to sail the boat, so you know all the partners in it, and you know that your boat is being taken care of.

We can custom tailor programs to create the perfect balance between maximizing access to the vessel and maximizing revenues to suit your particular tastes. Blue Element provides full program management, so contact us to learn more.